Well I guess one things has been shown to be true to me after all this time, becareful what you say, and WHO you say it to. My dear cousin( who I can’t even stand @ this point) has deleted me from her Myspace friends(Boo-hoo, WAH, the horror) what should I do now? I lost a Myspace friend. Oh my frikking god people, if you are truely mad at someone, and don’t wanna talk to them anymore then TELL them. don’t delete them off your friends list, is that truely suppose to hurt someones feelings? not saying it don’t, but you gotta becareful who you do it with. If there is someone who is a daily myspace addict, then yes, you will hit a nerve, and get a  lashing comment of what the hell? etc. etc., but if you do it with someone who is growing out of the excitement of the site, and so on then it will not be such a big deal, and there for you only made yourself more pitiful by playing such childish games.

My dear cousin, rececntly deleted me from her friends, why? well most likely it is because her sister, told her I was annoyed with her damn bulletins of “check out my party” (she did like 10 a day!), also that I didn’t like her Myspace profile name..BIG DEAL, she couldn’t call and ask me why I was saying that, like I was talking behind her back.(if she would’ve called) I would’ve told her on the phone, but no she heard it from someone else and deleted me from her friends!! (I can’t believe she did that, I am so hurt! sarcasm implied)

I sincerely don’t live my lame  boring life by who is or isn’t on my friends list..so it is you who is …(damn, can’t think of the word) petty.

HA, HA!!